This morning while Leo and I were doing the morning show, I decided to step outside of the building to warm up. I always say the temp inside of our building is set on meat locker so even though I always have a blanket and a sweater, I still need the sunshine to thaw me out, as was the case this morning...

so I stepped outside and almost ran smack dab into the pick-up you see in the photo! I literally yelled, 'WHOA!' Unbeknownst to me, Leo happened to be right behind me and came over to see what I was yelling about.

Little did he know, it wasn't going to be a mouse, a giant insect, or some crazy weather I was hollering about it was the fact that my coworker had parked his ride, on the sidewalk, right outside the door we walk out of!

Who does that? That one coworker that's who! We all have one. The one who always does their own thing. lol The one who flies into the parking lot, with an agenda, on a mission, with things to get done that day and no one is standing in their way.

Nevermind that this particular coworker could have easily backed the truck up and did what they had to do inside or outside of the building. No. This type of coworker doesn't operate that way. This person has far more important things to do than worry about parking in an actual parking space in the parking lot.

Do you have an obnoxious coworker that does cray things like this from time to time?

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