A mother right here in Texas has done us all a favor and invented an app that makes me want to pat her on the back, shake her hand, give her a big hug....you get the point! The app is called Ignore No More.

It is an app for kids, but not one that they will choose on their own. Basically, if you are a parent tired of calling your kids and not being able to reach them, buy this app! If your kid always 'ignores your calls,' most of them do, you have the ability to shut down their phone!

If your child repeatedly ignores your texts and phone calls, you can disable their phone until they call you back! I really should have thought of this first. lol So, what if your kid tries to disable the app itself? Trust, you can get around that too! The app is only $1.99 and available on Android phones currently, to find out exactly how it works, click here.

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