OMIGOSH did I make the biggest mistake lastnight at my house. I made a large meal for my fam that made a mess on the stove top, in the I knew it needed a good cleaning. What does my little smarty pants self do? Turned on the 'self clean' function. Huge mistake!

Why did no one tell me the smell that would go along with it? Why didn't anyone tell me my eyes would burn, my kids would want to leave and go stay the night in a hotel? It.was.insane. When I got to work I asked Leo if he had ever done it, he said yes...DON'T! Lol I said too late it was a disaster, I had to shut it off early and even though the inside of my oven is now super clean, it's not worth it. FYI, next time you give this feature a thought. Don't do it, grab some 409 and do it yourself.


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