Texas Tires MIDLAND...hooked it up! The B93 JEEP needed a lift and Texas Tires Midland gave it a LIFT!
The crew at Texas Tires Midland knew exactly what we needed and worked with us to deliver!
We have had the JEEP for a grip but always wanted to 'raise it'. After getting with the awesome crew at Texas Tires Midland,. we were able to set it up, and within no time, the B93 JEEP was in and out.

We went with just a little under 4 inch lift. We wanted to make sure we could still get in it. LOL
The guys at Texas Tires Midland did a great job!


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Make sure to reach out to them at (432)695-9985! And THANKS Texas Tires Midland for an awesome job!

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