It's Teacher Appreciation Week and I think it is safe to say that we appreciate our teachers more than ever right now. With having had to homeschool the last few weeks, all I can say is yes, as we suspected teachers are angels walking the earth. I appreciate my children's teachers especially right now because they're doing a great job at helping me understand the schoolwork that I'm supposed to be teaching my kids.

One of my son's jr. high teacher's sent him a very nice postcard telling him how proud she is of the work he is doing, while my daughter's home room teacher did the same and told her how much she misses her and will miss not seeing her the rest of the school year. You talk about some extremely happy students! Both of their faces lit up when they received their mail and the small gesture really made a difference. A big THANK YOU to all the teachers doing such a great job and for all that you do!

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