It's Throwback Thursday and I for one am looking forward to our 90's Bash at the end of this month on the 31st! All 90's music all night long at the Midland Center, get your tickets before they sell out, here. The 90's was the decade I grew up in and I was thinking back to all the crazy hairstyles. 

I remember wishing I had hair like Alicia Silverstone's in the movie Clueless. Instead, right around jr. high, my hair got curly, it was straight when I was little then got crazy curly, therefore I had more like 90's Mariah Carey hair. lol All over the place, trust. So, I did some searching on the 'net and found popular hairstyles from the 90's.....fess up, which hairstyle were you sporting? Click the link to see some of the most popular.