Finally, the first ever male version of Hooters is officially open for business! I heard this story a few weeks ago about 'Tallywackers' but refused to believe it until a restaurant actually opened. Lo and behold in Dallas, TX a Tallywackers restaurant opened for business as of Saturday. Road trip anyone? lolIt actually surprises me that it took this long for such a concept. The eatery features an all-male waitstaff dressed in tiny bottoms and tanks. Hello six pack and tight booty! lol Ladies, it's our turn, am I right? Tallywackers is described as a, 'bar, restaurant and entertainment destination for everyone. There is eye-candy – for boys and girls – great food and a really good time.” And an added bonus, unlike Hooters, this restaurant allows you to choose your waiter before you sit down to eat....'hey you over there, the Mario Lopez lookin' fella, come wait on me!' lol

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