This is me at the Judging table for the regional Hooters bikini contest with KBAT's Tawny the Rock Chick, her friend Jennifer, and former Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams. 

I just wanted to let my beloved fiance' know that I most certainly DID NOT have a good time. It was hard to get through but somehow I made it through. I thought about you the entire time and was counting the minutes until I was back home with you my love...

I'm just kidding. Tawny the Rock Chick is my fiance' lol. That's awesome and all but I want you to imagine how awkward is would to be a judge at a bikini contest right next to your fiance' who can literally see how you score each girl. "Oh a 10!?! You gave that b*tch a 10 huh? Oh you got me messed up!"

....Ok so that didn't happen but don't think it didn't cross my mind. It was a great time with beer, wings, beautiful women, and pro football players. I don't think I can imagine it getting any better than that. Roy Williams is a class act btw. He's a super nice guy and he's very professional.

Don't think it was all fun and games though. Hooters raised over $12,000 dollars for Children's Miracle Network here locally. Their manager Gus has always worked closely with us to help a good cause and this one was one of many Gus has lead.