Dallas Cowboys

True Cowboys Fans Here!
I am pretty sure Leo and I have made it pretty clear that we are Dallas Cowboys fan through and through. During football season, we play the Cowboys victory song, IF they pull out a win the day before of course and happily sing along with it.
Texans/Cowboys Canceled
The preseason game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans is now officially canceled. Ticketholders can get a refund or donate to relief efforts.
Times is Hard
This is me at the Judging table for the regional Hooters bikini contest with KBAT's Tawny the Rock Chick, her friend Jennifer, and former Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams. 
I just wanted to let my beloved fiance' know that I most certainly DID NOT have a good time...
star wars cowboys
The COWBOYS WON! Star Wars Rogue One is 14 days away. Yes, I'm lovin my two obsessions right now. This poster says it all.
If your a Cowboys and Star Wars fan it makes perfect sense. The Cowboys are 11-1 and Star Wars Rogue One will soon be hitting theaters...

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