We love us some CMN here at B93! In the past, we have raised thousands with our Radiothon and continue with CMN Events and causes!
We know the importance of CMN to Medical Center Hospital. CMN means a 'Giraffe Bed' to help a baby who is battling an illness. CMN means getting awesome equipment for the nurses working so hard up in the NICU Unit at Medical Center Hospital. We have seen it and we have talked to staff at hospital, parents of patients and patients themselves. Medical Center Hospital relies on donations from CMN to help all facets of the NICU and Pediatric Units caring for our kidos here in the 432.

So, this month of JULY , when you have an opportunity to give  to CMN while your shopping at any Walmart here in the 432 or Sam's Club, remember you are 'Making A Miracle' for a baby, kid, and parent and family here in the 432. Any donation is so welcomed while your doing your shopping.

New West 9 stated today...

The money raised will go directly to children in these hospitals who are being treated for illnesses and injuries. The funds will help pay for equipment, research and supplies for MCHS. This year's campaign began on June 28 and will run through July 25. People will be able to donate $1 or more at these local stores in the Permian Basin.

God Bless You and CMN!

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