One of the downsides to a daily commute? Well there are a few but one that I have dealt with quite a bit in the last 20 years I've been making the drive, happened to me again! Seriously, going about my day, driving along (probably listening to a true crime podcast) when all of a sudden, I hear a familiar sound. Yep, the dreaded sound of....

a weird thumping sound that could only mean one thing. A flat, freaking tire! It has happened countless times over the years and to many a car that I've had but let me tell you, I still freak out each time it does. Thankfully no serious damage has ever been done to me or any vehicle but wow, it just catches you by surprise! Fortunately I was not traveling at a high rate of speed (shocker) so I calmly (yeah right)  pulled over on the side of the road and called roadside assistance.

Can I say though that I am over all of the road construction in the 432 currently? If you are like me, you probably go through one at some point throughout your day, whether on your route to work, headed to lunch with a friend, on your drive home or even just trying to get to the grocery store, chances are you will encounter the orange cones, the peeps hard at work and the 'slow your butt down' sign. I do, daily. And for that reason, somewhere along the way I ended up with something in my tire, thus my flat. Grrrrr Mondays!
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