Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Our friend got engaged the other day and while we had lunch with the girls she showed us the ring. Well, afterwards one of the girls called me and told me 'Girl, that ring is not real, we need to tell her it's CZ..I know Jewelry.'  I was like NO....we are not gonna ruin her moment. She thinks we should tell her cause she doesn't wan her man to pull a fast one on her.   I say NO! Should We Tell Our Friend Her Engagement Ring is Not A Real Diamond?

Here is what the 432 had to say on Facebook!

Are yall gonna buy her the ring she deserves. SMH! Yall will come off as haters. Why can't anyone be happy for anybody nowadays

That girl needs to just shutup. Smh.

Who cares? It’s her ring. If she loves it, what does it matter?

Ashley Perez
Maybe she already knows and it doesn’t bother her. Not all women need the big expensive ring

Yea let me go spend $6k on an engagement ring 6k on wedding bands for everyone to judge us. When I could spend that money on a future. Stop being extra and let her live her life. That’s why some women won’t find happiness always looking for the next big thing!!!

My man better not buy me an expensive ring, I’m a 38$ Walmart special type girl! If y’all are worried about the price of the ring & not the size of commitment, it’s a problem

What if she is okay with a CZ? Did y’all ever thing of that?

I wear fake jewelry all the time, whats the big deal homegirl??... no need to spend big money on stuff like that. I got bills and Kids to feed. You need to keep ure mouth shut and let her enjoy her ring and her engagement 🙂 be happy don't be a hater

you think she doesnt know? she knows how much money her guy has and what he can afford.

If your friend is happy, don’t try to bring her down. It’s about what the ring represents, not how much it costs.

Sounds like the "friend" is the jealous type. That's the thing with women nowadays. Leave the girl alone she is definitely not a real friend

Cynthia Cindy
Nope keep quite. It may be that's all they can afford at this moment. If you can afford a real Dimond good for you. Plus it's none of your business just be happy for your friend.

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