While on vacation last week, I spotted this sign at a very popular fast food restaurant and I just had to share. First of all let me start by saying, that I am not a smoker. I've never smoked a cigarette before in my life, personally I am not a fan of cigarette smoke and that is just my personal preference. However, I have family and friends who do...to  each his own.

I have however heard the complaints from time to time that they are not happy about not being able to smoke in certain public places. I'm sure we have all seen the 'no smoking allowed' signs here and there but this particular sign is a first. In the day and age of e-cigarettes and vaping being an alternative to actual cigarettes, you have to wonder how they are allowed in some establishments but cigs are not? 

Even in my workplace, I don't see anyone smoking cigarettes indoors but I have seen vaping in the building. This particular establishment you see pictured states clearly, no to both. If I were a smoker, I'm not going to lie, I would be a tad bit happy about this. If you do not allow one, how about not allowing both? How is cigarette smoke so different from the 'vapors' that come out of your e-cigs? It may be a stupid question coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about either but seriously your e-cigarettes are no better than my actual cigs Karen! You think you're better than me because you have flavors like watermelon, cotton candy and pina colada? I say no smoking should mean just that, no smoking, of any kind. That goes for you too Snoop Dogg. lol Thoughts?
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