Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My friend borrowed my car the other day and just today I 've noticed there is a window chip and small crack in the car window. My wife says I need to let him KNOW he needs to take care of it. He never mentioned anything about it.  I say we just TAKE CARE OF IT, she doesn't agree. I feel it's Awkward???

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Are you 100% sure it happened when your friend was driving? Maybe mention it and go 50/50.
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Most times when people are driving the chips aren’t their fault.. unless it’s like a HUGE chip that looks suspicious. No reason to make him pay for something he couldn’t control.


Jobi Bernal I agree with this and prolly most likely because it's also a chance you take when lending out ur car. Chances are if ur car were wrecked or stolen the chances of ur friend paying u for ur whole car are slim to none ..if they could afford a car they wouldn't need to borrow yours ..just my thought . Not saying I'm right or wrong.


Normal wear and tear. Nope not his responsibility because it's not his car. He borrowed it and did exactly what he was supposed to bring it back.. now if it was wrecked or scratched or like something of actual noticing.

Ray Ray
If the damage was really bad, I would hope that the friend who borrowed the car would have spoken up and said something. And yes offer to help with the repairs, if it was his fault!

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