A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a jogging app that my friend kept insisting could take you from not running at all, to running a 5k in a matter of weeks. Needless to say, I thought he was full of it. I thought, there is absolutely no way I can run a 5k without dying immediately afterwards. Weeell...I think I was wrong.  

Screenshot_20191016-085706_5K Run

Today, only 6 runs deep. I ran almost 2 miles. Here's the more crazy part of the story. I didn't feel like I was really pushing myself. I put my earphones in, listened to some classic rock, and casually cruised my way to running almost 2 miles. If you had told me two weeks ago that I'd run two miles, I'd ask what was gonna be chasing me. The app is called Couch to 5K. On android, it's free and I think its like $3 on iPhone. I will say, you may want to invest in some proper running shoes once you start and realize you'll probably stick with it. Nike and Reebok are cool and all, but luckily my friend who told me about the app now runs something like 30 miles a week. He took me to Midland Athletic Company right across from Torino's. Those people are running fanatics. Like cross country runners. They know a thing or two about running shoes lol. Hopefully, this'll inspire someone else to start jogging.

BTW, the app at the frist of each run says "Warm-up. Start walking or lightly jogging". Don't be a hero. Just walk it. You'll thank yourself.

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