From the sounds of it, this rain is going nowhere anytime soon! The forecast calls for rain through Friday, which would be ok if I were indoors for the rest of the week, in a comfortable pair of sweatpants, covered up with a blankie, snacks and chillin' in front of the tv....but since that's NOT going to happen, I decided to come up with a list of things to do anyway....

Rebecca's list of things to do while it rains:

  • catch up on errthang on your TiVo (start with your cochino movies)
  • clean house (scratch that not going to happen)
  • make any and all interesting recipes you find on Pinterest
  • SLEEP!
  • catch up on laundry (scratch that STILL not going to happen)
  • finish any bag of chips and/or ice cream in the house
  • convince BAE to come home early for some adult time! (bow chicka wow wow)
  • clean out closets (DROP THE DREAM!)
  • SLEEP SOME MORE! <<<<<this will be me later lol

Enjoy this beautiful rain and be safe on those roads, turn around don't drown and also, feel free to add to my list!