The big thing we have been dealing with lately in the 4-3-2 is the weather. It could be a beautiful 80 degree sunny day one minute and the dark clouds roll in and its thundering, lightening and pouring down rain and HAIL the next! Much like we are expecting this afternoon as a matter of fact. 


Just a heads up, even though we are expecting a hot 90 degrees today, we are actually at a level 5 that forecasters are saying is 'the most dire warning for the risk of tornadoes.' Severe thunderstorms and high winds with a 60% chance of rain are in the forecast this afternoon. If you are like me, sometimes you are oblivious to these weather conditions, until they happen, so I am here to give you fair warning to take care of yourself, your family, pets and vehicles the best way you can. Prayers that everyone stays safe today!