I sometimes wish I could hit up a restaurant a day every single day until I visit every last one here in the 432 just to give them all my business but sometimes that is just not possible. Mainly because I don't eat out all that much, it could potentially get expensive and also because I am a creature of habit. I literally eat at the same places, when I do eat out, over and over again. 

I say these things because I hate to hear of us losing restaurants due to lack of business I would say. Thus is the case with what I thought was a popular eatery here in the Permian. Which Wich has announced that they are closing the final remaining restaurant here locally. I remember when the downtown Midland location opened up a few years ago, I thought to myself, wow I've never eaten at a Which Wich, I have to hit that up! Well here we are, it is now closed and I never went. (shame on me I know!)

That Which Wich that I'm talking about was located at 100 N. Main st. in the same building as the Wall Street Lofts apartments. Unfortunately it closed back in 2019.

The Which Wich in the Borgata Shopping Center at 3415 N Loop 250 in Midland, has announced it is closing. We will no longer have Which Wich restaurants here in the 432. I'm bummed that I never bothered to check either one out, to this day I've never eaten at one. If it was one of your favorites, just know it is no longer open for business.
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