Several Stores Announce They Will Be Closed Thanksgiving Day
Several stores have already announced that they do not plan to open on Thanksgiving. I say sweet! Ever since this became I 'thing' I truly felt bad for those in retail who had to go in to work and not get to spend a nice holiday with their families. Therefore I am actually happy that this …
Andrews Splash Park Closed For The Summer?
Here's something from the 'in case you missed it' file. The splash park from my hometown of Andrews is not currently open. Booooooo! I happen to know that people travel to Andrews, TX from around the 4-3-2, several times throughout the summer to treat their kiddos to something differe…
EZ Rider Route Closed All Day Today
I keep seeing this pop up and it makes me sad. If you rely on the Odessa EZ Rider route 5, just know this. It is closed today! Odessa Route 5 is closed all day. The reason?
When In The World Did They Shut This Down?
I have one question? Has anything else closed down in the 4-3-2 that I may not be aware of? lol Wow. I was wanting some Furr's food the other day and just happened to be in the vicinity on Andrews Hwy. in Odessa, decided to pull in and saw this....what the? When did this happen?