On a recent birthday trip to Key West, FL we noticed that we were one of the few people doing something that here in Texas we do everyday. Something that my man says I'm not good at and something that I say he does entirely too fast. lol 


I'm talking about driving! Look at the pictures that I took for proof. I knew I would come home and tell my friends and family and they would think I was exaggerating. Literally we were one of the few cars on the road. As you can see, everyone, even tourists, especially tourists ride bikes and scooters. And I'm telling you they do not care about people driving cars, you yield to them

Everywhere we went, there was more than enough parking for bicycles and scooters and very little parking for even the smallest of rental cars, you can forget the large trucks and SUV's we are used to here. Plus, the streets are extremely narrow, two vehicles passing on the same street would almost play a game of chicken to pass each other everytime. 

The island is clearly much smaller than the Permian and the scenery is not nearly as beautiful as it is in FL but it sure made me wish I didn't drive a gas guzzler every single day and imagine riding a bike, all the exercise a person would get? I would definitely struggle a little more with a scooter, but it would be something I would be more than willing to learn to enjoy paradise everyday!

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