Things like this always fascinate me. This is just a regular bike but no one can ride it. The only difference is, you have to turn right to go left and vice versa. Seems simple right? Wrong!

What makes this even more crazy is, after you spend the 8 or 9 months it takes to re-wire your brain to be able to ride it. YOU CAN'T RIDE A REGULAR BIKE ANYMORE! What really blows my mind is what this tells us about human behavior and thinking. This proves that once you get into a certain way of thinking, right or wrong, it is almost impossible to change it after a period of time.

This is why you should never allow yourself to be negative. Think about all the negative people you know on Facebook. They are in a thinking rut and can't seem to break it. This bike proves that your brain will stick to what it's used to and no matter how much you try, it's next to impossible to break it. If I'm going to be stuck in a thinking rut, I'm going to do my best to make sure it's a positive one. This also proves that if you re-wire your negative brain, it will have a very hard time going back to being negative.

Be good to yourself physically and mentally. You're worth it.

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