I don't like to get too serious most of the time but, I was flipping through the MRT today and this caught my eye. Someone please tell me that Casey Anthony's dumb ass didn't just come out saying she didn't care what people thought. Casey I just have one quick question.

If you don't care what people think of you then why would you risk giving up your location to the millions of people who'd love nothing more than to help you take your last breath, just to say you don't care what they think? No one on planet earth would give up their safety to make a statement if they didn't care what people thought. B**** Please! You done lost your rabid ass mind if you  think I'm not gonna call you out on that load of BS.

I don't think words can grasp how much I don't like this woman. I don't EVEN want to see what karma has in store for a person this horrible. Feel free to share this if you'd also like to express your disgust of this poor excuse for a human being.

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