Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question- So, on the 1st date with this guy and he tells me 'he just got out of a 3 year relationship!' Bam! Just threw it down on me like that! Whoa...I just want some good company and a meal on our first date, not all that! He told me just wanted to be up front with me and not to hold it against him. I get it but, nope....sorry I'm out, am I being harsh on him?

HerRebecca Hernández
If he's being honest and you can't handle it let him know not to be wasting his time on you.
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Minnette Salazar
No girl wants to be a rebound .But at least he was honest!

Caröl Smith
I feel like we’re not getting the whole story here. What was the conversation about? Were you talking about rollercoasters and he was like “speaking of…”? Or was it an awkward exchange of glances over salad and he just spewed it out like a tea kettle?

Jonathan Moreno
Females want honesty an loyalty an then they get it an then run like tf make up y’all’s mind what the hell y’all want omg

Chelsie Lee Benitz
He was being honest! U just gonna do him like this?? Maybe he's not the problem

Courtney Holdampf
Run away!

Dalila Ontiveros
Bet if she had just got out of a 3 yr relationship she'd mention it

Christopher Brown
Well, I hate to break it to ya lady. He don't care about the meal or the conversation after a 3 year relationship. Now finish your McChicken and let's get weird.
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Ricky Barrientes
eh, I been asked, then told em, then they get all weird. Don't ask, don't tell.e Is What The 432 Had To Say About It!

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