Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, one of my ladies in my SQUAD recently had a birthday but she doesn't have a Facebook, so , I didn't say Happy Birthday to her.  Well, she recently called me out while we were all at lunch, and I told her SORRY, No Facebook no birthday shout. She said I could have texted her, um LOL..yeah NO! I honestly don't remember birthdays without Facebook...Whos' with me????


This is what the 432 had to say about it!

Reyna Barrera
Find new friends if they are offended by not getting a happy birthday text. Life gets busy. I hardly remember my own birthday. ‍♀️

Tessa Rowell
Ummmm what?

Albert Tarango
What's a good deed or a nice gesture if you don't get the recognition?!?! If I give a hobo a quarter better believe I'm putting selfies on all social media!!!

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Maria Ruiz Prieto
I rarely do shout outs on FB.... If you ain't my immediate Fam (Brother/Sister/Parents/In-laws) more than likely I won't remember ure B-day and won't be receiving a text or call from me. Ure Friend be tripping, Esta Loca la wey

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Dalila Ontiveros
You shld know your "squad" bdays and other important dates. Selfish ass...dont be crying when she dont say hbd to u!

Lauren Ashley H
You sound like a great friend . My close friends or "in my lady squad" I know their birthdays cause I put them in my phone. I don't shout them out on fb cause I think its corny. I actually call, text, or celebrate their birthday with them. You sound like you don't really care for that person as a friend or just plain selfish.

Courtney Holdampf

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Ricky Barrientes
I dont even shout our my mom on Facebook or my kids cause they don't have a Facebook or have me blocked.

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