Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - This year my wife and I decided to do seperate summer vacations. We have always done OUR summer vacation together but this summer we are doing seperate ones, WELL, hers fell thru with her girls and isn't going to happen. AND NOW she's asking me to go with me on mine and or CANCEL mine and do one with her. Look, I don't have any more vacation days left this summer and honestly I kind of want to go on the GUYS trip I already set up. Suggestions???


Dalila Ontiveros
Same happened to us this yr. Only problem is my husband wanted his trip fathers day wknd. Idc when he takes it just not on any family holiday. I can still go somewhere if I want. Tell her sorry charlie. Send her ass somewhere.

Maria Ruiz Prieto
She shit out of luck.... it's not ure fault her friends canceled oh her. If u payed for ures already, go enjoy ureself
Lesson Learned. Next year go together ❤

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Rebecca Hernández
Nope it's not your fault her girls are being lame. Put your foot down and go through with yours plans were already made and having just her around one girl in the bunch of guys would be so uncomfortable for everyone.

Erin Jammer
I would explain to her that is guys only. This is ur trip. It isn't ur fault gets feel through

Mario Juarez
Looks like she has a date with a SOLO cup ......bye Felicia!!!

Emily Hunt
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Greg Franco
Too bad, so sad, bye bye!
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Selvestre Padilla
Not your fault her friends are wack and unreliable. An agreement is an agreement. ‍♂️.

Ricky Barrientes
Just find her another Sancho bro.
Express Sancho Services is ready and available.

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