Leo And Rebecca Buzz Question - My MAN has lived with his last 2 girlfriends. BUT, he refuses to live with me. We've been together for a good while and I always bring it up about moving in with him and he says it's best 'we don't'. So you live with the last 2 but not me? What am I missing here?

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Leigha Gaines
He's not ready. He is absolutely traumatized from the first two. He may need to move at his own pace and not yours. Communicate with him about your feelings, but at the same time you need to respect his.

Stacie DeLeon King
He learned his lesson.

Darren Tryon
Nowadays, everything needs a 6 month trial especially if you're thinking marriage. This will give you time to see the real person. Also, check her credit score to make sure she's not just looking for a co-signer. Yes, I've been through this.

Lupita Marquez-Blanco
Hes just traumatized

Esme Charles
Maybe he wants the relationship to last and thinks by moving in together that it will ruin it like the last 2.

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
There comes a time when a man wants to do things the right way, maybe not to rush things cause he really cares for you and doesn't want to risk messing it up

Tessa Rowell
He don't want you to be #3

Galindo Ruben
One step at a time

Ricky Barrientes
I understand this guy. He will be ready when he us ready dont rush it. Lupita Marquez-Blanco is right about him being traumatized. My ass won't let anyone even come to my house and I won't go to theirs.

Joe Hernandez Jr.
He wants to keep his closet space, and have clean bathrooms.
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Selvestre Padilla
Let me make it simple for you.... the last 2 people he lived with are his X's.... do you want to stay in a relationship with him or move in together and become one of his x's too? Lol

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