Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So the other day my girlfriend was talking about one of the tattoos I have on me. And I have never told her the truth about it. It's actually a MATCHING TATTOO that my ex has as well. I've told her a lot about the tattoo but never that it's a MATCHING ONE. I feel bad about it and I don't plan on telling her.....or should I?

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Rebecca Hernández
No she didn't ask so don't say nothing!!!

Letty Reyes Saenz
My ex still has my name which is kind of scary

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Chon Rodriguez
Simple answer no you don’t tell her… but how many people know it’s a matching tattoo? If others know eventually someone is going to say something and then you gotta face her wrath. If it’s capable of getting out you might as well tell her now.

Jonathan Moreno
The past is the past
Unless she’s women enough to handle it if not hush hush

Jenny Penny Freeman
No don't stir the pot !

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Ricky Barrientes
One time I came home and my chick had 2 tats, didn't say nothing at all. I didn't trip out, I was supportive. I wasn't supportive of her boyfriend who talked her into it, that's why we split.

Myra Valverde
It’s the past shouldn’t even bother

Gabriel Prieto
· Reply · · 1h

Albert Tarango
No, stupid!!

Ray Ray
Zip It! If you know what's good for you!

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