Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Getting married soon, and check this out. My FUTURE WIFE wants to meet my EX Wife! She told me before we get married she would like to talk to her! They have never met and I honestly think they never need to. I'm cool with my ex but we don't really ever see each other. No kids together or anything. I asked her why...she said I have some questions for her. 😳 Um, I have no clue what to do.


Crystal Garcia
Eave the past behind the past is the past and she can't let it be shes not ment to b with you
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Syria Alvidrez
Leave the past in the past. If she can't respect your decision , I don't think she is the one for you.
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Gloria B Johnson
That past is exactly that THE PAST!! Say noooooo!!

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Dalila Ontiveros
She already said yes so dont let that happen. She being nosey no thanks
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Michelle Lopez
She’s not ready for marriage RUN!!
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Itzel Torres Leyva
Uumm negative sir, that should be a red flag she will be all up in everything. If you have no kids or anything in common either of yall shouldn't be having contact with no exes.

Ricky Barrientes
Looks like one ex bout to meet the other ex and start "No man, Sheera Club" by the power of Castle Grey Skull
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Darren Tryon
Turn it around on her. You get to meet the last guy she was with.
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Tammy Shults
Aaah no!! If she’s not confident in y’all’s relationship now then she never will be!! There is nothing to be asked about in previous relationships. If she not Secure in her relationship with you she will always question everything you do! You need to … See More
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Heather Cadena Fuentes
That is CRAZY! she has no business putting herself in your past business! Tell Nosey Rosey NO!

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