Okay we can all agree that the Superbowl was lackluster this year. Not a lot of scoring. The halftime show was just alright and the Superbowl commercials were very dull.

But, there were 3 commercials that did make some noise for me.

Walmart totally had the best one for me. I mean, all those iconic cars going to Walmart including the Batmobile, The Griswold Family Truckster  the Mystery Machine with Scooby Doo, Mutt Cutts from Dumb and Dumber, The Ghostbusters Mobile and more!

The NFL commercial was all gold especially if your an NFL fan. So many legends in that commercial. Favorite part of this commercial, Tom Brady telling Baker Mayfield to hold his rings.

Chunky Style Milk....this one was gross but it did make me laugh!