Every little girl's dream is to have long, flowing hair like so many princesses that we see in fairytale's right? Mine was for sure. I remember when I was little, maybe around 4 or 5, I had about shoulder length hair but I always wanted my parents to allow me to grow it down to my bottom. I pictured myself brushing it at night, putting cute clips in it, I thought I would look like a princess with long hair. However, my mom had other plans...

literally at this young age, my mother took me to get my haircut, like chopped off short! Picture someone putting a bowl around my little 5 year old head and cutting around it. That was my hair for the next few years. So much for princess Rebecca. I begged her to let me grow it out and she would always say, long hair was hard to keep up with and she would have a hard time combing it every morning for school, I would have to wake up earlier, etc. 

I wasn't happy about it, but I had no choice. Cut to me now having a daughter of my own. I always said, if I ever have a daughter, I will NOT cut her hair, I will let it grow as long as she wants it to and she will now feel like a little princess. Well we did and we have. She has had beautiful, long black hair since she was little....until last week that is.

Turns out, my momma was right. Long hair is hard to care for! Washing it, drying it, trying to put a brush through it, trying to come up with different hairstyles daily and so on and so forth. It is alot and this momma needed a break. lol We chopped off about 5 inches and I couldn't be happier and my baby girl actually loves it too. Ok mom, you were right....again.

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