I came across a story this morning that Glee actress Lea Michele says that as a first time mother, she is contemplating chopping her hair off, getting what she calls a 'mom bob,' and I had myself a good laugh. Not because of the mom bob but because I can totally relate with the hair thing. As a mother of 3, I totally remember how I felt after each was born. 

But after your 1st, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make life easier. No sugar coating, it is quite overwhelming when you have your 1st child and for whatever reason, the first thing you think needs to go, the one thing you immediately contemplate changing is your hair! Why do I say this? Because after my firstborn, I got a perm. A perm! Back when they were not even in style anymore! Looking back I shake my head and think, what I was I thinking?

I wasn't. I was a new mom, working mom, sleep deprived, dealing with hair loss (spoiler alert-many women experience hair loss after giving birth) and that was the only solution I could come up with at the time to spend less time getting myself ready everyday.
So when I came across Lea Michele's comment, I'm thinking 'don't do it,' you will regret it! I did. After a couple of months of the perm, I got tired of it, real quick. Moral of the story, do not make rash decisions concerning your looks after giving birth, especially when it comes to your 'do!


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