Ok, priorities people. I'm telling you right now only ladies will understand my current struggle. But first, guys, think about how beautiful your lady is on a daily basis. The perfect outfit, the hair, the nails, it is all a process. You don't know how she manages to look like a million bucks every day, she just does. You've heard of, 'there's an app for that?' Well, when it comes to your lovely lady, there's a person for that, be it male or female.

My girls understand completely when I say I've got someone who does my fingernails, someone who does my pedis, someone else who does my hair, a lash lady, a person who does my facials, on occasion, a spray tan person, and the list really could go on. It takes a village.

But you know what could throw my whole world out of whack? I think it's safe to speak for other chicas as well. Things can go awry real quick when 2 of those people are pregnant! Current sitch, my amazing hairstylist, and my fabulous lash lady are expecting.

Great for them, bad for me here in a few short months. I'm already asking around for a temporary replacement. Once these mommas have those beautiful, healthy babies, I'm going back. So I need to find someone stat who can do just as good a job as these 2 miracle workers can!

Ladies, I know you feel me. Fellas, if this ever happens to your better half, be supportive. It is not an easy task to be on the hunt for someone new, but I guarantee, any hot momma is up for the challenge!

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