Guys, let's face it, women are moody. SHOCKER I know. But as a female, working momma, child uber, I have to say life is stressful. I feel their pain some days. But you want me to let you in on a little secret? How would you like for me to give you some tell-tale signs, when you walk in the door from work, to let you know if your girl is going to bite your head off? lol


You see this bag? It's wearing a smile, if you check the mail and find one of these, or you see it on the kitchen table, I can guarantee your girl is going to be in a good mood! An Amazon package would put any female in a good mood.

When you walk in, is dinner either in the process of being prepared, or is it already on the stove or in the oven? If it is, she is ahead of schedule, the day has run smoothly and more than likely she will be happy.

When you walk in, where are the kids? If they are doing homework at the kitchen table, or having a snack all is well. If they are in their rooms, they got sent there by mom and she is not happy with them, which means she will not be a happy camper.

And the last way to tell if your girl is going to be in a good mood when you get home from work, if she greets you at the door. A hug, a kiss, a're home free buddy, she had a great day!

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