Alright ladies, time to help a chica out. I have a good friend who has forever been trying to get me to use this....coconut oil, for my hair. She claims it helps your hair grow and repairs split ends. As much as this girl colors her hair, I need to buy it by the gallon! lol So has anyone tried it and found it to be true?

As you can see, I finally bought some at the store and have put it in my weave for a few days now. On 'Pinterest,' yes I am a Pinterest girl, they say to use it every night, leave it in overnight, then when your hair starts to get back on track, just use it once a week. The consistency is crazy, it's like I'm straight up putting shortening in my hair. lol But hey, if it works I'll do what I have to. Has anyone tried it and found that it works?

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