life hack

Life Hack Next Time You Pump Gas
I am telling you right now I have the most fun with TikTok!  I've learned so many life hacks, so many crafts that I can make. I mean truly so many different things, from hairstyles for my little one to different recipes that I can try.
Life Hack Help Please
I need some help y'all. That goes without saying right? lol For real, we are in total back -to -school mode in our home like so many other families and that includes taking price tags off of all the new stuff.
How-To Get Rid Of Gnats
Ok has anyone else been dealing with those annoying little gnats or fruit flies? Whatever you call them, it seems like this year more than ever we have been dealing with these little flying bugs all up in our faces. At home, at work, in restaurants, if you haven't been dealing with these little…
Any Ideas On How To Fix This?
I am in need of some 'life hack' help! First of all, I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, the nozzle on a can of spray starch can't be fixed when broken. In this case dropped. I literally bought it one day and dropped it the next. Boom! Brand new can of starch wasted be…
Life Hack:Coconut Oil For Hair-Ladies Does It Really Work?
Alright ladies, time to help a chica out. I have a good friend who has forever been trying to get me to use this....coconut oil, for my hair. She claims it helps your hair grow and repairs split ends. As much as this girl colors her hair, I need to buy it by the gallon! lol So has anyone tried it an…