We are half way thru the week and this is what went down with Leo and Rebecca in the Morning today.

Dr. Dre had a brain aneurism and was rushed to ICU • Kanye and KIM are closer to a divorce • Does Arnold Schwarzenegger know his son in law's name? • What? You can eat your Christmas Tree? • The WEEKEND's new video is a big FORGET YOU to the Grammys • Carmen Calls and is collecting her money for a plumbing job! • Birthday HOLLA • NAME THAT TUNE Game • Do you say EARLY THIS MORNING or Late Last Night? • Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question WHY is DOMINOS Texting My Man? LOL

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The craziest this we talked about today was definitely about the lady who put out a cookbook out on ways to prepare food with your Christmas Tree! What the heck is happening here? We were both like WOW when we heard she basically said we could EAT OUR CHRISTMAS tree. It never surprises us the crazy tings we talk about. i use to do the LIVE Christmas Tree thing but doing a live tree was always a hassle when it came to getting rid of it. Not only was the clean up bad, but disposing of it as well. Who knew that one day peeps we actually going to be eating their Christmas tress! Crazy indeed!

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