Kanye West is on one again with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim K. He claims she and the entire Kardashian clan owe him an apology for not inviting him to his own child's birthday party. Oh geez another day, another Kanye rant. But I thought about it for a minute, come to think of it, I would also like an apology. And let me tell you who from, I too have a list...

  • I would like an apology from fast food restaurants that forget to throw my condiments in the bag, or salad dressing for my salad, a straw or any napkins.
  • I would like an apology from a grocery store who recently sacked my groceries, put them in the basket but forgot 1 of my bags. I went home without 1 main ingredient for dinner that particular night.
  • I would like an apology from the waiter who comes to the table takes my order, brings my food and drink and then 'forgets' about me the rest of the meal. Umm hello, I'm still here?!
  • I would like an apology from the person at the gas pump who doesn't pull up far enough for me to squeeze in behind you and pump my gas so that I have to wait until you're done. That is not how this works!

I mean I could go on but for the most part I do feel better. I guess 'Ye and I do have something in common after all. lol

Who do you demand an apology from?

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