I'm pretty good at most things that I try. I am an ok singer. If my momma says I'm good, by gosh she was a wise woman, I believed her. I am a decent cook. My man says I can throw down with some chicken fried steak. I am also very good at spelling. My spelling bee trophy from elementary school is put away somewhere and shall never be thrown away! But one thing I am admittedly not good at...

driving a truck! I know, in Texas that is blasphemy! To be honest, it's more the parking that I struggle with. But the way I see it, if I cannot park a big truck, why even bother driving one? Once I reach my destination, there will be a struggle and quite honestly not one I want to deal with.

Which brings me to the entire reason for this article. The photo that you see attached is absolutely not me. It is a person who refuses to admit that like myself, they are also not good at parking big trucks. This was me at the grocery store earlier this week in complete disbelief, that someone would be be this inconsiderate at a super busy grocery store in town! I was shaking my head like are you kidding me? And to make matters worse, this particular parking spot was not on the end where there were not alot of vehicles, it was toward the front.

Dude! Or maybe a dudette, it is high time that you admit that maybe you should be driving a small, compact car that you can just roll in and out of parking spaces with instead of pulling crap like this! Uggggh almost everyone in Texas owns a 'pick up,' but you must first learn how to properly drive and more importantly park one geez!

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