If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that one of my senses works far better than the others. I have an unbelievably, like really, really good ability to smell. It is both a blessing and a curse. I love to smell good things, like candles, body lotions, new car smell, leather, freshly washed towels/sheets, you get the idea. But also that means I usually smell bad things before anyone else too. 

I don't care to use public restrooms anyway but if for some reason I absolutely have to, I know which restaurant bathrooms to avoid for fear of losing my appetite just because of the weird smell in the restroom. If the restaurant itself has what I consider a 'weird smell' you can eat without me. I know for a fact I will not enjoy my food. I'll just sit, have something to drink and mind my own business. (I told you it could be a bad thing sometimes)

If my kid steps in dog doo, I can smell it a mile away. If my doggy is in serious need of a bath, you might find me dry heaving somewhere because I can't handle it. It was not a pretty sight with any of my 3 children, when it came time for diaper changes. lol I became really good at burying my face in my shirt and doing my mommy duties. Another one of my least favorite smells of all time? Something that Leo walked in with the other day. LICORICE. Black licorice will have me gagging. It's bad enough I don't like the candy but the smell...gross, get out of here! That is exactly what I yelled when he walked in with it. Anyone else have a super keen sense of smell?

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