Let's have some fun with today's blog! Being on the radio, our listeners get to know a little bit about us, based on what we choose to divulge on air. But, do you REALLY know us? Here are a few fun things we have been asked over the years that I thought I would share and answer:

Who is someone you would like to be stuck in an elevator with?

  •   Jason Momoa... because look at him! 

Which movie best describes your life?

  • Cheaper by the Dozen except I only have 3 children, but my life is that crazy and chaotic! lol 

What creeps you out?

  • slightly open doors-close it all the way or leave it open all the way....no in-between

What do you wear to bed?

  • My man's t-shirts

Secret celeb crush?

  • I have a low-key crush on Jimmy Fallon! He's tall, handsome and I think we totally have the same sense of humor. 

1 thing you would never find in your house? BEER! I do not like the taste. I've never found a beer I like. (wine and margaritas are aplenty tho) lol 

A talent you wish you had? I wish I were crafty and could make or paint stuff. It would save me a lot of money at Hobby Lobby.

If you can't sleep at night what do you do?

  • laundry-may as well be productive with my insomniac azz lol 

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