Our family loves to travel. Always on the go for real. Which means we meet lots of different people from all walks of life and even though I'm not much of a small talker (shocker I know) my man is, so it is not unusual to engage in conversation with complete strangers on the regular. 

My favorite is when we get to the 'where are you from' part of the convo because I always know what is coming next. It's funny. Without fail. Especially if our 'new friends' know nothing about West Texas or have never visited. I know you've heard a couple of these...things people say when we tell them we are from the Midland/Odessa area:

  • oooooh you're from the rich oil town, you must have lots of money (yes can't you tell by all the diamonds on my fingers and the security I'm surrounded by?)
  • do y'all have horses?
  • isn't that where Friday Night Lights came from?
  • do you live on a ranch?
  • you must work in the oil industry (they are usually surprised to hear neither of us do! lol)
  • there is nothing but flatland there isn't there? (uggghhh thanks for reminding me!)
  • what do y'all do for fun there? (lol-travel!)
  • how can you afford to live there? Isn't it expensive?

I mean the list is long, I just gave examples of a few we've heard over the years. But to be honest, it's amusing. I am actually flattered by all the questions because at least it means they've heard of our West Texas cities!

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