fun facts

How well do you know Rebecca?
Let's have some fun with today's blog! Being on the radio, our listeners get to know a little bit about us, based on what we choose to divulge on air. But, do you REALLY know us? Here are a few fun things we have been asked over the years that I thought I would share and answer:
Today Is International Lefthander’s Day
Where my 'lefthanders' at? lol Today is International Lefthanders Day! Do you have any lefthanders in your life? Two people whom I am close to pop in my head, my niece Whitnee and a dear family friend whom we affectionately call Tia Jane.
Did You Know? Fun Facts
I love reading about silly fun facts. Some are outrageous to the point that you think, that can't be true! Or can it? Either way, you claim to do the studies, this girl is reading about it, believing every word. lol So here you go, I will share.....did you know: