As our middle child, Trace, turned 7 today, we discovered a couple of interesting things, according to him, about turning another year older. 

  1. when you are 7 it is no longer necessary to whine, according to Trace, 'whining is for babies' therefore he will no longer participate
  2. it is possible to grow an entire foot overnight, Trace swears just yesterday he was 'shorter'
  3. and last but certainly not least, it is necessary that everyone who lives with the 'birthday boy' must wait on him hand and foot for the entire dare I not get him a juice box when he asked for it I quote, 'gosh mom, do I have to get my own juice on my birthday? Can't someone get it for me?'

And there you have it, Traceisms....Happy Birthday to my handsome, sweet boy, the older he gets, the wiser he becomes. lol


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