This is how you do a milestone birthday! A coworker that we've worked with for years turned FIFTY on Monday and we had so much fun decorating his office! Basically it becomes how messy can we make it? Streamers, 'Holy crap you're old signs,' balloons, cute, little 'I'm 50' decorations.

We told him he has to leave the decorations up for the rest of the week, getting caught up in the streamers and all. Who cares if you can't make it to your desk to sit? lol If there is one thing I love to do, it's decorate for things like this, especially for such a dear friend like Kevin. P.S. He has a microwave and a mini fridge that is not visible in the out for the balloons when you go to reach for a drink or heat up your lunch! lol Happy Birthday my Kevster!





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