I Love Seeing This Scene In A Dr’s Office
File this in the 'hell yeah' category for me! Stepped into a Dr's office recently and saw this beautiful scene. As a mom, I have to say offices with a little 'play area' like this for kids saved me countless times.
office fridge
Have you ever seen anything as nasty as our office fridge in your life? What is it with the refrigerator in the breakroom at work that makes us think we don't have to get rid of our old stuff? lol
kevin turned 50
This is how you do a milestone birthday! A coworker that we've worked with for years turned FIFTY on Monday and we had so much fun decorating his office! Basically it becomes how messy can we make it? Streamers, 'Holy crap you're old signs,' balloons, cute, little 'I&ap…
Can I file this in the why-didn't-I-think-of-this folder? Wow. Took my 8 year old to the doctor today, went to the ladies room and discovered this fabulous new invention! Hand soap+sink+hand dryer all in one!
Secret Santa Time
I love, love this time of year! Especially at work, because it's 'Secret Santa' time. This was waiting for me when I walked in this morning. Woohoo!