Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So my wife has a male co-worker who she is really close to. But, this kind of made me think, what's happening here.  This guy has a new girlfriend and wants my 'wife's approval' on her. Like I get it, he wants to know what my wife thinks about his new girl, but just  never really heard it put it that way???


Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Ray Ray - Look, this should be seen as a compliment. He values your wires opinion and that's actually a good thing. It's not like he's a complete stranger. He is a friend to your wife so, the fact that he wants a woman's point of view on his new girlfriend is actually pretty cool.


Mary - No not cool with it. I mean to want your wife's approval seems a little too much. I get that they are friends but c'mon. That might be going over the line a little.


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