Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My BESTIES EX is getting married just 6 months after they divorced and me and my man have been invited to the wedding! I know my GIRL would be devistated to know if I went. My man says we are GOING to the wedding becasue he was our friend too. Do I tell by BESTIE we are planning on going to wedding or just keep it on the down low. Should I even go?

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Albert Tarango
Your dude can go. You can stay home. Unless y'all are attached at the hip?

Ricky Barrientes
I had a break up not long ago and my bestie hung out with my ex. Then I had her pop up and hang out with us both for a lunch. I saw the look in his eyes about it. I know he wasn't real happy about it and neither one of us ever mentioned her again.

Ray Ray
Why is this a big deal? You as a couple were friends with both of them. Now, that they are divorced have you chosen sides? If Not, then go to his wedding. And, when she gets married in the future, go to hers. You don't need to choose sides if both are friends. Celebrate moments in both of their lives. You shouldn't have to choose one or the other.

Tell your bestie you were invited but if she doesn't want you to go then you won't. This will put it all on her, and it shows that you care how she feels about the situation. You might be surprised on how she reacts to you wanting to go her exes wedding.

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