Can someone explain this to me? Take a good long look, think about it all the way through, and give me one logical reason why Sonic would have an ordering window marked for handicapped parking? I'm not at all making fun of anyone. I was eating there yesterday and had to circle back around because I thought there was an open space in the front. Upon closer inspection I realized it was handicapped parking. At first I just pulled around and went to a different spot, but after parking in a different space, and ordering, I sat there and it dawned on me. Why?

Sure someone COULD decide to go through all the trouble of unloading their power chair just to sit in the heat near a busy street where it's so loud they can't converse, but who would leave an air conditioned cushioned seat, to go sit on a hot metal bench? If they are in fact in a wheelchair, then they're just giving up A/C for the same seat they always sit in, and the table isn't the correct height for eating from their chair to boot. Not to mention the bench seats of the table make it impossible to be wheelchair accessible from the sides, while the crossbars make it impossible from the ends. The only thing that makes sense to me is they are legally required to do so. I honestly can't think of any truly logical reason other than that and if that's the case then It's kind of wasteful to have a space no one ever uses. I ask you, why is there handicapped parking at Sonic?

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