These crazy times we are living in right now have us all a little on edge. Actually a little may be an understatement. Trust, I get it. As a former homeschool teacher (we all were last year), working mother and single mom of 3, I feel what everyone else is going through. We are all doing our very best to keep it together these days but what I went through recently with someone at Walmart was completely unnecessary..

I raced in one day, alone, to grab literally a couple of things. I believe I was in the the toothpaste aisle, oblivious to anyone around me, I was on a mission. Grab the few things on my list and split. It was the early afternoon and I was happy to hit up the store at this time of day because I figured I was beating the 'after work rush' and I was on my way to pick up my kids from school, pressed for time.

As I'm standing in the aisle searching for my family's toothpaste of choice, I hear a voice near me say, 'I guess some people don't believe in the 6 ft. rule!' It took me a minute to realize who they were talking to? It was me and another person that was standing on the other side.

So basically, even though I hadn't even noticed anyone around me, there were 3 of us looking for toothpaste and the person that said the words was sort of 'sandwiched' between us. The other person and I exchanged awkward glances and continued to find what we were looking for, grabbed what we needed and left the aisle.

Clearly her comment wasn't even worth a response from either of us. We were not in a Dr's office. We were not standing in line waiting on anything. She had even taken a step back as if to step out of our way. To her I say, if I had planned to spend the rest of the afternoon in the toothpaste aisle I get it. If I was breathing down your neck or standing shoulder to shoulder with you, l get it. Girl I didn't even notice you. We were all there to do one thing, grab some Crest and be on our way!

This person is clearly as concerned as we all are about this horrible virus we have all dealt with for a year and a half now. She has probably cared for family members or even herself dealt with COVID in some way. We all have.

But what are sarcastic comments to complete strangers in a store going to do for you? Did you think we would scatter and let you have the aisle all to yourself?

These types of people wear me out. Lady I'm with you, I wish groceries, toiletries and household items would replenish themselves in my house so I can avoid any store at all costs, but they don't so until then, either you need to stay home and hire a personal shopper or start adding to cart online because the next time I need bath soap or a gallon of milk, I pay no mind to your 6 ft. rule. I get in, I get out and I get on with my life, you should try doing the same!

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