Ok if you are like me and had to grab snacks and necessities over the weekend, for the kids who will be at home for the next couple of weeks, it was interesting to venture out to the grocery store to say the least. I only needed a few things but the ONE thing I really needed was nowhere to be found on shelves at the store I was in.....


DISHWASHING SOAP! Are you kidding me? Has anyone ever heard of paper plates? I couldn't believe the dishwashing soap aisle, the shelves were empty! I wasn't expecting to find toilet paper and paper towels (I didn't need any anyway) but dishwashing soap was completely unexpected. What is the one thing you needed that you were shocked to learn the store you were in was out of?


P.S. The soap you see pictured is the 1 from work, mind ya business if it goes missing. lol

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